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DEWizardX - ETL ActiveX

Import/Export Routine is an essential part of any modern software application
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28 November 2015

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This is a piece of software that lets an application integrate data import/export facilities easily.

Most current applications need the capability to import and/or export data from many databases. One would need to manipulate the low level APIs for the well known databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, ODBC Ole DB, plus full support for flat files, MS Excel, MS Access and DB files This Data Exchange Wizard ActiveX is able to work with these databases. Besides data extraction, the application is able to convert one database files to another format easily. Once integrated, the ETL ActiveX will let you offer a fully functional universal Import/Export routine. You are able not only to cut down the development time but the consequent development cost too. A large number of records can be handled and you would be able to execute SQL statements before and after import/export of the data.

The component has an integrated expression builder that will help find and get records easily. A comprehensive error log will help you troubleshoot the transfer process, when something does go wrong. Data preview is a meaningful tool for ensuring you are getting or sending the right data. Rejected records file adds to the features that help, making sure the transfer is going to be alright. You could do cross tables loading and a mapping editor helps with such cross tables loading. You should be able to write up SQL scripts to help with data import/export. The interface presented when you have the component integrated, is wizard driven and quite easy to use. The interface provides all the set up necessary to start a transfer. If you are in the business of developing a business application that needs data transfer, here is a component that could be integrated quite easily!

Publisher's description

The ability to export and import data is one of major function of any modern software package. To make it fast the developers should use low level API specific for the database. Plus, it is always necessary to be able to import data from various database types and file formats.
Data Exchange Wizard ActiveX works directly with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, PostgreSQL, ODBC Ole DB, plus full support for flat files, MS Excel, MS Access and DB files
- Wizard driven interface;
- Easily extract and transform data from one database or file to another;
- Ultra-fast processing of data;
- Comprehensive Error log;
- Rejected records file;
- Integrated Expressions builder;
- Calculations during loading process;
- Cross tables loading;
- Mapping editor;
- SQL scripts support.
“It practically impossible, to find an expert with deep knowledge of low level API for all databases available on the market today”
Solve the data integration problems now
DEWizardX - ETL ActiveX
DEWizardX - ETL ActiveX
Version 5.2.2
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